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GGG Consortium Meeting 2024

Annual Consortium Meeting 2024 of Faculty of Geo-resources and Geotechnical Engineering which was held on 27 March 2024. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss on GGG activities and achievement in 2023, GGG perspective for 2023 -2024.

The meeting was participated by GGG Faculty members, Representative from Graduate School, Representative from Research Innovation Center, Representative from Ministry of Mines and Energy, and international technical advisors:

 From Japan:

1. Prof. Watanabe Koichiro, Senior Advisor of JICA

2. Prof. Yonezu Kotaro, Kyushu University,

From France:

3. Prof. Yann Charles from University Subordine Paris Nord

4. Prof. Isabelle Thibon from INSA RENNE

5. Dr. Stephanie Reoy from CEA Paris Saclay

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