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EraGET 2023

The 2nd Edition

The 2nd EraGET conference, held on September 21-22, 2023, was organized in conjunction with the 14th AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on Geological and Geo-resources Engineering (RCGeoE). The theme of the conference, "Geo-resources and Geological Engineering for Sustainable Earth," is of utmost relevance to the current global situation and is aligned with the government's policy framework. Additionally, a three-day post-conference field trip to a potential geopark in Siem Reap Province was arranged from September 23-25, 2023. This exceptional gathering was organized and hosted by the Faculty of Geo-resources and Geotechnical Engineering at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, in collaboration with AUN/SEED-Net JICA, partner universities, ministries, private sectors, and other stakeholders. By combining these two esteemed conferences, we aimed to enhance the value and impact of the gathering, bringing together a diverse range of expertise, perspectives, and experiences.


The 2nd EraGET conference saw a significant participation of 475 attendees, out of which 56 participants represented international institutions. The participants included professors, researchers, students, and industry representatives from 15 international universities, such as those from Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, and Africa, as well as representatives from 3 local universities, 16 private sectors, and 3 public sectors. This wide range of participants from various backgrounds and sectors contributed to the richness and diversity of the conference.


The involvement of international universities and institutions further strengthened the global perspective and collaborative nature of EraGET. The presence of esteemed professors, researchers, and industry representatives provided valuable insights, fostered intellectual discussions, and facilitated potential collaborations on a global scale.


The successful organization and participation in the 2nd EraGET conference underscored the commitment and dedication of the organizing committee, collaborators, and participants in advancing the field and addressing the challenges related to sustainable earth resources. The conference provided a valuable opportunity to showcase innovative solutions, promote knowledge sharing, and strengthen collaborations among academia, industry, and various stakeholders.

National Institutions

Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC; Hosting EraGET)

Ministry of Mines and Energy

Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS)

Ministry of Environment (MoE)

National APSARA Authority/Ministry of Culture and Fine Art

Svay Rieng University

STEM Club Cambodia

International Institutions


Kyushu University

The University of Tokyo

Waseda Univdersity


Chulalongkorn University

Songkla University

Thammasat University

Chiangmai University


University of the Philippines Diliman

Caraga State University

Philippine Christain University


University of Magway

University of Yangon

AUN-SEED-Net and EraGET flyer.png


Chang'An University


Universiti Sains Malaysia


Debre Markos University, Ethiopia

Student Awards:

Three Awards of (1) Best Oral Presentation, (2) Best Poster Presentation, and (3) Best Paper


  • Best Oral Presentation:

1 Student from Universiti Sains Malaysia

1 Student from University of the Philippines Diliman

1 Student from Kyushu University

  • Best Poster Presentation:

3 Students from ITC

  • Best Paper:

1 Students from University of the Philippines Diliman

2 Students from ITC

Screenshot 2024-04-11 135546.png
Screenshot 2024-04-11 135437.png


  1. LBE -JICA; AUN/SEED- Net (Co- organisor)

  2. Renaissance Minerals (Cambodia) Limited

  3. Mernad Cambodia- GS Soil Treatment

  4. Dynamic Scientific

  5. Laber Scientific
  6. N.V.C Corporation Co., Ltd. (Vital Premium Water)

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