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EraGET 2022

The 1st Edition

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The 1st  EraEGT, held on February 18-19, 2022, was organized in a hybrid mode, incorporating both online and onsite components, in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme of conference is Geo-resources and Geosciences. The conference received an overwhelming response, with a total of 43 research presentations and a participation of over 300 attendees from both national and international backgrounds.

The 43 research presentations showcased a diverse range of topics within the field of geo-resources, geosciences, and geo- engineering, reflecting the breadth and depth of research being conducted nationally and internationally. The presentations provided valuable insights into the latest advancements, emerging trends, and innovative solutions in the field.

The significant participation of over 300 attendees, comprising both national and international participants, further enhanced the conference's impact and success. The diverse backgrounds and expertise of the attendees fostered rich discussions, networking opportunities, and potential collaborations among researchers, professionals, and industry representatives.

National Institutions

Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC; Hosting EraGET)

Ministry of Mines and Energy

Department of Public Work and Transport of Takeo Province, Cambodia

International Institutions


Kyushu University

Hokkaido University


University of Tasmania, Hobart


University of Agriculture and Technology

Sri Lanka:

University of Peradeniya


Chulalongkorn University

Asian Institute of Technology


Taungoo Unversity

West Yangon University

University of Yangon


Gadjah Mada University

Institute Tecknologi Nasional Yogyakarta

Student Awards:

Three Best Oral Presentation Awards


2 Students from Kyushu University, Japan

1 Student from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

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  1. LBE -JICA (Co- organisor)

  2. Renaissance Minerals (Cambodia) Limited

  3. Angkor Gold Corp.

  4. Dynamic Scientific

  5. Biomedical Enigneering Solution Tech Co., Ltd

  6. Kampot Cement Co., Ltd

  7. IMECS

  8. X Lab

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